Airgun Angie – Social Media Influencer/Writer

My name is Angie Perry (AKA Airgun Angie) and I’m a hunting and sporting goods social media influencer. 

I work primarily in the High-Powered Airgun market, but I also have sponsors that cover a broader market. 

Companies I’ve produced Content For:

Examples of work:


Single product or service features:

  • Video production for use on your social media.
  • Video production and publication on the Airgun Angie Social media network. Videos are released on relevant pages as well as  Airgun Angie social media and related accounts.  Each publication is posted with links and relevant marketing content to maximize exposure across all networks. 
  • Video production and publication on Airgun Angie, Gateway to Airguns, and AirgunWeb Media Group forums (115,000+ subscribers in total).

Long term production contracts:

  • Featured Video production and publication of your products and services on a regular cycle.  6 to 12 month contracts.  Call to discuss what will work best for your business.  Access to AirgunWeb Media Group and GTA platforms is available.

General product placement sponsorships:

  • Minimum monthly commitment.  Your products will be used as practical across all Airgun Angie created content.  Credit will be given in the video description with links to your website. 

Exclusivity opportunities:

  • There are several areas that lend themselves to an exclusivity agreement provided the terms are acceptable to all parties. 

I currently review, write, film, photograph, edit, and produce all my own content. I have a long-standing contract with AirgunWeb Media Group to produce multiple videos per month.  Please feel free to contact them at airgunweb@gmail.com regarding my work.  Over the past several years I’ve been building my technical and marketing skills in order to create vibrant, engaging content for the brands and companies that I represent.  My hope is that you will find that my work connects with the viewers in a positive way, leading to increased sales and consumer confidence.  Please review my services on page two.  Because projects may vary, I quote each project separately.  I do provide volume discounts for extended contracts.

If you are interested or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It would be an honor to hear from you.

Thank you for your consideration.